Donate to Global Pride 2020

Donate to Global Pride 2020

Donate to the Global Pride Relief Fund today to support Pride organizations around the world that have lost and are losing important financial resources due to COVID19 and to empower LGBTQI+ groups and activists worldwide, especially in the most disadvantaged territories of the world, and to encourage the Pride movement to join forces fighting racism and systemic oppression in our societies.

Pride organizations work on the frontlines as beacons of hope and connectivity providing the world’s most vulnerable with human rights and social justice community-based support. And on June 27, on the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, we pause amid the international fight against the COVID19 pandemic, raise awareness of the state-sponsored discrimination happening against our communities, and to support the protests led by Black Lives Matter in response to overt systemic racial injustices.

The LGBTQI+ community stands together with Global Pride — an international Pride broadcast that is a call to action for all, and is a message of affirmation, positivity, acceptance, and solidarity. Global Pride is organized by the European Pride Organisers Association (EPOA), InterPride, and hundreds of other Pride organizations from around the world working together to unite artists, world leaders, and human rights advocates for a 24-hour, cross-platform digital stream and broadcast event.

Proceeds from Global Pride will form a Relief Fund that will be divided into three areas to support the Pride movement as we work to eliminate all forms of inequality to:

● Provide immediate relief to Pride organizations that are in financial distress due to COVID19
● Support projects that empower community organizations and groups, amd Pride organizations in LGBTQI+ communities, or Pride events in underserved communities or regions
● Assist Pride organizations with specific work that promotes change to end generations of inequities, racism, injustices, and systemic oppression.

Enjoy Global Pride, an historic Pride event knowing you are helping provide vital funding and direct support to community organizations in cities, small towns, developing and hostile areas around the world.

Donate now

Donate now using the GiveButter box above or the PayPal link below. If you’d like to discuss donating by another means, please email [email protected] and we will get back to you. 

Thank you for your support!