Our Team

We’re built a team of passionate, dedicated and creative volunteers to deliver Global Pride.

The Global Pride 2020 Secretariat meets several times each week to discuss and develop our plans, and make key decisions.

Secretariat members

  • Kristine Garina (Co-Chair), Baltic Pride / European Pride Organisers Association (Latvia)
  • Emmanuel Temmores (Co-Chair), Guadalajara Pride / Orgullo Latin America (Mexico)
  • Natalie Thompson (Co-Chair), Capital Pride / InterPride (USA)
  • Matt Akersten, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras (Australia)
  • Hadi Damien, Beirut Pride / InterPride (Lebanon)
  • Ron DeHarte, Palm Springs Pride / InterPride / US Association of Prides (USA)
  • Linda DeMarco, Boston Pride / InterPride (USA)
  • Jenny Dewsnap, Doncaster Pride / UK Pride Organisers Network (UK)
  • Sue Doster, Heritage of Pride / InterPride (USA)
  • Sussie Hedlund, Svenska Pride (Sweden)
  • Uwe Hörner, CSD Rhein-Neckar / CSD Deutschland / European Pride Organisers Association (Germany)
  • Maria Jern, Skövde Pride / Svenska Pride (Sweden)
  • Robyn Kennedy, First Mardi Gras / InterPride (Australia)
  • Marsha Levine, San Francisco Pride / InterPride / US Association of Prides (USA)
  • Dana Marsh, Edmonton Pride / Fierté Canada Pride (Canada)
  • Gian Molinu, Pride Cymru / UK Pride Organisers Network (UK)
  • Cathy Renna, InterPride (USA)
  • Stein Runar Østigaard, Oslo Pride / European Pride Organisers Association (Norway)
  • Julian Sanjivan, InterPride (USA)
  • Dan Shier, Fierté Canada Pride (Canada)
  • Matthew Van As, Cape Town Pride / InterPride (South Africa)
  • Dave Wait, Motor City Pride / InterPride (USA)
  • Ronald Zinke, CSD Bielefeld / CSD Deutschland (Germany)

Team leaders

  • Project Manager: Patrick van der Pas (Netherlands)
  • Production: Michelle Meow (USA)
  • Partnerships: J Andrew Baker, Geneva Pride / InterPride (Switzerland)
  • Communications: Steve Taylor, Copenhagen 2021 / European Pride Organisers Association (UK)
  • Outreach: Jen LaBarbera, San Diego Pride (USA)

Global Pride 2020 is divided into four teams:

  • Production & Tech: The team responsible for programming, producing and scheduling Global Pride, and will then deliver the broadcast and manage the audience interaction
  • Communications, Media & PR: The team responsible for all our external communications, public relations, social media, brand, and our website
  • Partnerships: The team working with our partners in business, civil society, tech and other sectors
  • Outreach: The team managing our relationship with Prides around the world, encouraging and helping them to create content

Join our team!

Visit the Volunteer page for information on current roles.